Every Project. Every Idea. Every Time.

We’ll Build it to Work.

Build This is a Chicago development shop of uncommon flexibility and expertise. With years of experience and talent to spare, we do it all, and we do it right.


No limits, no blind spots.

We’ll build sites from scratch. We’ll take care of any project you need extra hands on, from planning to development, from testing to launch. We’ll even take care of the oft-overlooked yet incalculably essential quality assurance. Anything you want. We’ll build it.

Code speaks louder than words.

We talk big, but our skills back it up. Our passion for learning is insatiable, and new challenges are like sweetest of candies to us. We aren’t content to rely on templates or cut corners. We want to build you something awesome.

You have a vision. Let’s build it together.


Break it before you build it, then build it to never break.


BuildThis is fully capable of building and supporting your solutions in a variety of platforms and languages. Our skills are at your disposal. From web applications to eCommerce websites, we can build this with you.


Take your business mobile with a mobile app, or turn your website  with responsive development. Whether it be an Android or iOS app, or a mobile website for your client, we will be there for you.

Expanded Capacity

Too much work, and not enough hands on deck? Need to spread out your project to let off some steam? A custom module built for your project? BuildThis is there to help you bridge the gap, and act as an outside inside valve for your capacity. We are your on-shore team.

Software Testing

Schedule a Test Session, and BuildThis will run a full QA over your project, and return to you a comprehensive test report of all issues that were found during the session, complete with Steps to Reproduce, Browsers and Versions, and detailed screenshots of the issue.

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Build Notes

You Called It

About the Project Called It, located at YouCalledIt.net, is a Social Polling web application. Create and vote on polls, check keep up with opinions on Sports, Politics, your favorite TV ...

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