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Meet Hallie

By |2018-08-23T13:43:42-05:00March 24th, 2017|BuildThis Team|

In honor of her birthday today (Happy Birthday Hallie!), our Head of Operations, Hallie Hinkhouse, is our StickOutSpotlight employee for March. We’ve asked her to answer some pretty deep questions so you can all get to know and appreciate her [...]

5 Branding Mistakes You Could Be Making

By |2018-08-16T15:20:34-05:00March 17th, 2017|Articles|

When you think about great branding, Apple’s sleek logo, Nike’s swoosh and McDonald’s distinctive golden arches probably come to mind. But a brand, much like those, is a lot more than just logos and colors creating iconic images. A brand [...]

Top 11 SEO Mistakes

By |2018-08-16T15:22:27-05:00March 3rd, 2017|Articles, Tutorials|

If you sell dishwashers, you want to be at the top of the list when someone searches ‘dishwashers for sale’.  Yes, random.  I just did the dishes.  Solid introduction though so far, right? Search engine optimization is the act [...]

Where We’re Networking in March

By |2018-08-21T09:30:22-05:00March 1st, 2017|Articles|

Everyone talks about the importance of networking with professionals in and out of your industry. Although some events are better than others, you will meet new people at every event you go to. I am going to highlight networking [...]

Why We Work

By |2018-08-16T15:27:16-05:00February 17th, 2017|Articles|

“We can give ownership to employees by letting them know they are solving an issue that is absolutely vital to a company’s success, that they have no idea how to solve themselves.” -Hans, President of BuildThis The importance [...]

10 Web Design Trends of 2017

By |2018-08-16T15:35:53-05:00February 10th, 2017|Articles, Design|

From Bowie to Brexit, and Princess Leia to the presidential election, 2016 was a year we won’t soon forget. In the web world, however, things were a bit more manageable. 2016 gave us a handful of [...]

Meet Kelly

By |2018-08-23T13:41:32-05:00January 27th, 2017|BuildThis Team|

Our very own Kelly Prieve has been chosen as our BuildThis employee this month. We've asked her to answer some questions to get to know her and share what she brings to the team. Q:  What is [...]

Freelancer vs Agency

By |2018-08-16T15:41:41-05:00January 24th, 2017|Articles|

Yes, we realize this is an agency writing about freelancers vs agencies, so yes, there will be some bias.  Please note however, that way back when, this agency once was a single freelancer with simply too much time and [...]

What Default Emails For WooCommerce Look Like

By |2018-08-16T15:43:00-05:00December 6th, 2016|Articles|

WooCommerce is the go-to ecommerce system for wordpress websites. If Woo doesn’t provide the feature you need, chances are their extensions marketplace does. This particular blog is focused on one tiny piece of WooCommerce, its default emails.  WooCommerce offers [...]

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