About the Client

Even in today’s age of social media, scrapbooking remains extremely prominent and popular. Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, and Tumblr are all popular social media services, but when you eliminate the digital capabilities, one thing remains the same – the photos! These platforms are great to use, but nothing quiet scratches that crafty itch like a physical, personal, one-of-a-kind scrapbook. 

The Wild Hare Kits’ founder, Alison Girling, began by making kits from her own paper crafting supplies by scattering papers, stickers, embellishments, wood veneers, and all sorts of other papercrafting lovelies all over the floor. Eventually she began helping friends do the same thing and discovered that she absolutely adored the process of combining items from different collections and manufacturers. Now, The Wild Hare Kits creates custom paper crafting kits that allow crafty people everywhere the freedom, flexibility, and time to create their own artwork and memorabilia. Each kit is hand-picked and customized per the Style Profile that each customer creates on the company’s website.

About the Website

Thewildharekits.com is a WordPress eCommerce website designed to inform users and sell products. The Style Profile form uses imagery, rather than text, to get a better understanding of what the customer needs are. The website uses parallax hero images to capture its target audiences’ attention and uses subtle background colors to break up content. The display font uses a playful script, which helps communicate the brand’s tone. The display font is paired with a thin San Serif, which makes content blocks easy to read without being too heavy on the eyes. 

Recent work

The Wild Hare Kits is constantly adding free materials to show how much they appreciate their customers! For example, each month a new cut file is added to the Download Center, which customers can download to use in their scrapbooks for free! 

Looking for a responsive, beautifully designed site? Head over to our contact page and send us a message to get started!