Once your site finishes Development and is ready to be shared, we move into Deployment. This final phase is made up of three parts: Pre-Launch, Launch, and Post-Launch.

Our team kicks off Pre-Launch with a final review call. This is where we, as a group, do a thorough walkthrough of your new site. We open cabinets, check door hinges, and are happy to accept any final edits. From there, a developer that is not on the project does a quality assurance check by following an extensive back and front end checklist. Some of the tasks included on this checklist are:

  • General Design: Are font styles & colors consistent?
  • Image Sizing: Are all images consistently sized and compressed for page speed and quality?
  • Image Names: Are alt tags incorporated?
  • Links: Are you internally linking between pages throughout the site?
  • Hover Buttons: Are hover effects consistent on all buttons?
  • Sharing Settings: Will your site look good when you share it on social media?
  • Link Consistency: Do all links open in new tabs or the same window?
  • Form Check: Does the contact form work properly and send to appropriate email?
  • Screen Size Check: Does everything look as good on mobile as it does on desktop?

While all of this is happening, a Project Manager identifies your domain and hosting information. You’ll also have the opportunity to decide if you’d like to take advantage of StickOutSocial’s hosting services. Additionally, your Project Manager compiles a master login document for you and your team to reference which includes all usernames and passwords.

Prior to launch, we look into a pre-existing Google Analytics account. Prior to launch, we look into pre-existing Google Analytics, a free service that tracks and reports your website traffic. Who is your audience? Where are they searching? What are they searching? What time of day are they looking for your services or product? If Analytics has already been implemented on your current site it’s important to transfer it correctly or else you risk losing tracking data.

Once Pre-Launch is complete, we launch your new website! Congratulations! But, not so fast… this process is not just the push of a button. Launching can take anywhere from 10 minutes to 72 hours. This can be affected by the complexity or size of your site as well as what hosting & domain registrar options you use. If you decide to host with StickOutSocial, the actual migration generally takes about 60 minutes.

After launch, we do one final round of quality assurance with the original developers. At this point you can decide if you’d like to have StickOutSocial create custom how-to documentation for managing your site or sign up for phone or in-person training sessions.

Now we can wish you and your team a big Congratulations! You just completed your first website launch with StickOutSocial Web Design.