The Perfit


Build a web application aggregating apparel for sale by major retailers and allow shoppers to filter by what ‘disguises’ or ‘flaunts’ specific body parts.


  • Develop a script that imports and parses apparel data provided by major retailers like Nordstrom and Macy’s.
  • Develop a website application that will:
    • Display data in an admin portal where the apparel items can be curated (i.e ‘this dress disguises chest and stomach and flaunts legs’).
    • Display items curated by an admin to visitors of the website.
    • Enable visitors of the website to quickly find items that ‘disguise’ and ‘flaunt’ specific body parts, while providing all basic filtering features that come with an apparel store.
    • Generate an affiliate link so that when the visitor completes a transaction on a 3rd party retailer website, the origin of sale is captured.
    • Allow visitors of the website to create their own account to ‘favorite’ items as well as subscribe to updates.
  • Develop a blog subdomain that will:
    • Allow administrators to post blogs and monitor ad and seo traffic performance.


  • The Discovery phase of included:
    • Database architecturing, ensuring additional retailers could be added to the website with minimal investment required
    • Site architecturing and sitemap generation
    • User flows
    • Developing interactive wireframes, emulating user flows for desktop, tablet and mobile devices
    • Establishing affiliate link relationship with Rakuten and getting application approval from Nordstrom & Macy’s
    • Determining MVP (Minimal Viable Product) for a blogging subdomain
  • The Design phase included:
    • Working directly with the Perfit owners to review its branding guidelines to select the styles & specifications of each element within
    • Creating Visual Designs for all frontend pages, for desktop, tablet and mobile
  • The Development Phase of the application and the blog portal was developed over a 6 month period. BuildThis used its internal project management system, Function Point, to manage and track Perfit deliverables.
  • Prior to and after deployment, extensive testing was performed on a staging environment which included Quality Assurance Testing the application on all major devices and browsers. This included the 3 latest versions of droid phones, iphones, tablets, and desktop computers. Testing was also performed on the latest versions of Chrome, Safari, Edge (desktop) and Firefox.

Tech Stack

  • Backend: Laravel/PHP, Python, Rakuten Affiliate Marketing
  • Frontend: Vue/JavaScript, HTML, SCSS/CSS
  • Cloud Platform: AWS
  • Tools: Visual Studio Code, Git/GitHub, Sequel Pro, Insomnia, Laravel Forge


  • The web application brings in major retailers like Nordstrom & Macy’s, and gives the shopper the ability to sort out clothing based on what body type they want to ‘disguise’ or ‘flaunt’.
  • The blog portal is generating organic traffic and the application started generated revenue since the day it officially launched (January 14, 2019).

Future/ Current Relationship

  • After the launch of, The Perfit Team signed on for maintenance and has a schedule of enhancement requests that will be implemented throughout the year.

Case Studies

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Adventis CG began a partnership with BuildThis after an increasingly difficult relationship with their previous development agency. BuildThis inherited a “frankenstein” CodeIgniter-based application that was in need of some TLC.

The web application brings in major retailers, and gives the shopper the ability to sort out clothing based on what body type they want to ‘disguise’ or ‘flaunt’.

ALG Worldwide Logistics, a leading logistics management company providing a comprehensive suite of management and related services to over 20,000 clients worldwide, sought to improve its customer experience by combining multiple client portals into a unified, robust web application.

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