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Personalized development, made custom.

Companies are choosing BuildThis for their application development needs because of our approach to development. To us, application development is like solving a puzzle. We look at every piece that makes up the whole to carefully determine what fits where.

BuildThis Technology

PHP is our go-to technology because of its robustness and widespread use. With PHP, we’re able to develop custom functionalities into a WordPress site (plugins) and we’re able to build scalable and reliable platforms from the ground up.

Our objective when developing is to build with the fewest components, using only the pieces that we need. This lean approach creates a product that is faster, more cohesive, and better for the end user.

Case Studies

Motorola Solutions, Inc., a Fortune 500 Company, began a massive digital transformation on a global scale and hired BuildThis to design and develop one of its public platforms. The project at hand needed to service 12 locales globally, each with unique content, specific to the region.

Adventis CG began a partnership with BuildThis after an increasingly difficult relationship with their previous development agency. BuildThis inherited a “frankenstein” CodeIgniter-based application that was in need of some TLC.

The web application brings in major retailers, and gives the shopper the ability to sort out clothing based on what body type they want to ‘disguise’ or ‘flaunt’.

ALG Worldwide Logistics, a leading logistics management company providing a comprehensive suite of management and related services to over 20,000 clients worldwide, sought to improve its customer experience by combining multiple client portals into a unified, robust web application.

The objective of Bidcab was to give registered cab drivers the ability to see what vehicles were available for upcoming shifts, to book a vehicle by its year, make, and model for a single shift or multiple shifts, and to allow the leasing company to incentivize drivers during slower driving periods by offering reduced rates through the application.



Project Requirements | Stakeholder Interviews | User Identification | User Flows | Data Flows | Content Structuring | Data Structuring | Interactive Wireframes using Adobe XD


Branding Style Guide Interactive Visual Designs using Adobe XD



Agile Methodology | MVC Approach | User/Customer Acceptance Testing Upon Sprint or Milestone Completion


SEO Audits | Quality Assurance Testing | System Integration Testing User Acceptance Testing | End to End Testing | Security Testing


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