Project X

– Fortune 500 Company


Company X, a Fortune 500 Company, began a massive digital transformation on a global scale and hired BuildThis to design and develop one of its public platforms. The project needed to service 12 locales globally, each with unique content, specific to the region. BuildThis worked in tandem with Company X’s internal staff and resources to utilize the company’s updated branding guidelines and business requirements as they were released.


  • The functional requirements of the project included:
    • Utilize a CMS (WordPress) so that internal staff members could be trained to manage the website’s front-end content.
    • Uphold consistency with Company X’s branding and digital requirements.
    • Develop a single platform that could support a dozen regions globally, with separate administrative dashboards and unique frontend content.
    • Create a ‘low barrier to entry’ process to add additional locales.
    • Migrate select data and content from the legacy site to the new platform.
    • Allow registered users of Company X to sign on the to platform with their account credentials via SSO.
    • Allow registered users of Company X to subscribe to relevant content from the website within their company-wide account preferences and pass that data to WordPress via an API.
    • As they are created within the website, pass subscription options via an API to the company-wide accounts platform, to be made available for users to subscribe to.
    • Send daily notification emails to users containing published content pertaining to their preferences.
    • Improve upon the SEO of the legacy platform.


  • With so many intricate requirements and working on a rapid timeline, organization and thorough documentation played a large role in the initial discovery and project planning. BuildThis worked directly with Company X teams and departments which varied with deliverables, so establishing consistent communication was essential to ensure that all personnel involved with the project were continuously informed on decisions and progressions.
  • The Discovery phase of Project X included:
    • Database architecturing to support 12 global regions
    • Site architecturing and sitemap generation
    • Content structuring
    • User flows
    • Data flows
    • Developing interactive wireframes, emulating user flows
    • Content migration planning
    • The Design phase included creating Visual Designs for all frontend pages, for desktop and mobile. BuildThis worked with Company X’s design team to review the company branding guidelines to select the styles & specifications of each element within Project X.
    • BuildThis followed an Agile development process that coincided with the development patterns of Company X. Releases were presented to Company X for testing and approval at the completion of a sprint, although the development cadence followed a continuous flow due to the high level of collaboration that needed to take place between BuildThis and Company X teams. BuildThis used its internal project management system, Function Point, to manage and track Project X deliverables as well as Company X’s system, Jira, to track the development and testing of collaborative deliverables.
    • Prior to deployment, extensive testing was performed on a staging environment which included an SEO Audit, Quality Assurance Testing, System Integration Testing, User Acceptance Testing, End to End Testing, and Security Testing. Each form of testing was performed by a respective department within Company X.


  • The completed project is a site that’s slick and easy to navigate which entices all types of users to be engaged.
  • The new website demonstrates a significant increase in page speed and performance, SEO value, administrative management and usability, and overall traffic.

Future/ Current Relationship

  • After the launch of Project X, Company X signed on for a year of website maintenance and has contracted BuildThis to develop 3-5 additional locales throughout 2019.