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August 16, 2019

When you are getting started building your web presence for a new company or product, it’s vitally important to launch a “Coming Soon” page as soon as possible.. In this blog we’ll talk about the importance of a Coming Soon page, some of the things you should include on your page, and finally some examples that you can go and check out!

The Importance of Coming Soon Pages

First and foremost, a Coming Soon page will allow you to start spreading the word about your business. You may not have all of your content on your website at the moment but at the very least you can begin to collect many valuable things, such as: SEO value, domain age, and most importantly, an email list of users interested in your company or product! 

A well designed Coming Soon page will allow and push, users to submit their email for a notification when your website or product eventually goes live. This will also allow you to start building a “roster” for marketing campaigns, promotions, or other initiatives for your company. 

When you begin to build a web presence, the time it takes to get your website from no traffic to some traffic will drastically decrease if you already have a contact list of interested users.

What should a Coming Soon page include?

Remember that when you begin to spread the word about your website, it is important to include things that may remind them why they were interested in the first place! Any content that you may have such as your mission statement, your about us, or even details about your product or service will remind the user of why they’re interested in hearing from you. 

Your Coming Soon page should also include a place for you to put all of your social media accounts somewhere on the page, to allow you to start growing your following on those platforms as well.  Also, if you are selling products you could begin to offer a coupon for x percentage off by subscribing early. This incentivizes people as they really have nothing to lose, but potential savings for when you do launch! This is another way for you to drive people to subscribe! 

If you have a target launch date it may be useful to put a countdown timer to that launch time. If you don’t have an exact date, another option may be to put a general timeframe, such as “X” months until launch. Then, get more specific once you have a solidified timeline. This will let users know when they can check back up on your site for any new updates.

Example Coming Soon Pages

One of my favorite coming soon pages is SAPHIR as it has many different options that have both content and countdown variants, along with background variances such as video, static pictures, and animations.

If you are going with a countdown timer, another one of my favorites is Enva. It has beautiful pop up boxes for both contact and privacy policies, along with many different styles for the background and how it looks/feels.

What are you waiting for?

While a Coming Soon page is important, remember it is only there temporarily and then it’s gone for good so it doesn’t need to take months to make as long as it works! If you need help building out your actual website or need help setting up your Coming Soon page, please reach out to [email protected] for more information.

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