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Digital marketing allows a company’s online presence to go beyond its website and drive traffic to the ultimate actions you want your users to take online. Your digital strategy can bring awareness to your company, influence attitudes about your business, and lead people to your end goals to meet business objectives. It also allows you to track valuable insights about your audience and actions that show your return on investment (ROI). BuildThis has a full-service digital marketing team that will discover and prioritize your business goals, then create a campaign with the most effective tactics for your digital strategy.

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Digital Marketing Services

Whether it’s a larger social media following, more newsletter signups, or more eCommerce sales, our team will create the best plan to meet your goals. Here are just a few of our services we can use for your campaign.

Digital Advertising (SEM)

Digital advertising is a cost-effective method to reach a specific audience. We typically recommend a combination of different advertising avenues depending on your business goals and the people you’re trying to reach.

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Google/Bing Advertising

Our digital marketing team can create ads centered around the keywords people use to find your product or services in search engines. These ads are effective going after people in real-time who are searching for keywords related to your business. While search engine optimization (SEO) aims to get your website at the top of search engine results, this ensures it will be there.

Display & Remarking Ads

Using display ads will help us target your ideal customer profiles, and remarking ads allow your company to stay top-of-mind for clients who already visited your website. Our in-house designers will create these ads within the Google-required formats that align with your brand and your message. When users click on these ads, it will take them to a landing page on your website that leads them to take your desired action.

Programmatic Advertising

Programmatic advertising uses algorithmic software technology for the buying and placement of specifically targeted ads for greater efficiency and maximum conversion. We can run display ads that target your audience based on location, interest, contextual keywords, and more. Programmatic advertisements could also look like an ad at the beginning of a YouTube video or during a streaming network show.

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Content & Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The content writers at BuildThis can craft anything from SEO-focused website material to social media marketing copy. We believe all great marketing starts with a good story, and we’ll help craft marketing messages around yours. When it comes to your website, our team combines the art of writing with the technicality of SEO to help your site organically reach the top of the first page in a search engine.

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Social Media Management

Are you struggling to try to change your business operations to fit existing software or looking for a way to consolidate your business tools? BuildThis creates custom mobile apps, software, and applications that are made to fit your existing business operations while improving your workplace efficiency. We want to build an application that helps your business grow and maximize its impact on the financial industry. Let us know your current problem points in the contact form below, and we’d love to strategize a digital solution.

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Email Marketing

Our team combines our writing and design capabilities with digital strategy to create newsletters and email marketing campaigns. This is a great way to reach an existing audience base to ensure your business always stays top-of-mind.

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