6 Great Food & Beverage Ecommerce Website Designs

June 6, 2018

Every industry comes with different web design requirements.

Luckily for the Food & Beverage industry, you’re already dealing with two topics that everyone needs to survive (and most people love!): Food and Drink.

Your food and beverage website design can set you apart from competition by including a few key elements.

Start by determining what type of food and beverage website are you looking to create.


Types of Food & Beverage Websites:

B2B Food Marketplaces

A B2B food marketplace is a platform that connects food manufacturers to bulk buyers or retail stores and restaurants. This type of Food & Beverage website needs to provide clear service offerings and be a credible source in their niche.

E-commerce Food & Beverage

There are competitive channels for selling food and beverage other than the shelves at Whole Foods and Albertson’s. Direct to consumer e-commerce food and beverage websites are on the rise.

Today, sales on direct-to-consumer sites and third-party e-commerce platforms account for 36 percent of specialty food and beverage sales.” -SmartBrief

Single Page Food & Beverage

Single page food and beverage websites immediately immerse their users into their brand in a simple way. When they tell a clear story – without stuffing too much information – they can be highly effective.

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6 Inspirational Food & Beverage Ecommerce Website Designs

1.) Clarity

No matter what type of food website you have, it’s important that you strive for clarity.

A website is a means to communication and when a user lands on your page they need to immediately find who your site belongs to, what purpose your site serves, and how to contact you.

2.) Mobile-Friendly Design

For food and beverage providers, it is imperative that your website is mobile friendly. Potential customers are looking at your web presence on-the-go. Making it easy for them to find you and your services will help your business.

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3.) Quality Imagery

Make your users eat with their eyes and let your delicious product do the selling for you. By creating a storyline with quality designs and imagery, you’ll be able to connect your users to the core of your brand and end product.

4.) Social Integration

If you didn’t gram it, did you even really eat it?

“An astonishing 69% of millennials take a photo or video of their food before eating it.” – Maru/Matchbox

Social media users love to share their meals and food experiences with their social media followers and it would be a huge mistake not to solidly integrate social media into your website. It will not only expand your digital presence and customer base but it will encourage your audience to become brand evangelists.

5.) Clear Service Offerings

Your homepage needs to immediately provide what you do and who you cater (no pun intended) to. Do you cater? Perhaps add that to your navigation bar. Do you only do wholesale business? Consider changing “Buy Now” to “Store Locator”.

Additionally, do not fear sharing too much information about your offerings for competitive reasons. If your user doesn’t find what they need, more often than not, instead of contacting you for the missing information they will move on to your competitor.

6.) Credibility

Building brand credibility will separate you from your competition in arguably one of the strongest ways. Some of the best ways to build credibility are by predominantly placing positive reviews, having an SSL certificate in place, displaying trust seals , maintaining a strong online reputation, and having brand personality.

BuildThis Food & Beverage Website Design

1.) LiveLovePop

“My favorite part of working with LiveLovePop is the fact that I’ve bought these snacks at gas stations when traveling. They’re so delicious! When working in digital, you don’t always get to hold the stuff you helped be a part of.” – Hans Skillrud, President

2.) 10th Avenue Tea

“As the Project Manager for 10th Avenue Tea, I enjoyed working with a new, start-up product & helping to construct their brand & styling on their website. It was truly a collaborative effort. We were thrilled to work with Ann & Morgan to bring their product & brand online with a user-friendly, intuitive design!” – Hallie Hinkhouse, Head of Operations

3.) Trail Chips

4.) World Peas Brand

5.) Three Star Brands

“Three Star Brands was looking for a great way to highlight their many products. We added sliders and hover effects to make the site come alive and make the products pop. As a web design company we always like to think that the website is the true champion but when it comes to e-commerce sites a good product is the star of the show! This site was a pleasure to work on.” – Laurie Markowski, Project Manager

6.) Van Wyk Confections

“Building Van Wyk Confections offered a variety of challenges which I enjoyed. We customized the e-commerce portion to build quotes as well as having a separate wholesale side to the website.  Making a lighthearted website about chocolate & fundraising was also fun to design and develop.” – Collin Osgood, Senior Web Developer

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