15 Best Components for your Construction Website

October 29, 2018

Are you looking for the best residential construction websites? The best home construction websites? The best commercial construction websites?

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The United States is one of the largest construction markets worldwide and employed approximately 10.3 million people in 2016. Given that it is such a competitive industry, we set out to find out what separates a good construction company website from a great construction company website.

We visited 45 construction company websites throughout the United States and abroad and compared the following factors: SSL security (secure sockets layer), mobile responsiveness, level of interactiveness, quality of photography, consistency of design, presence of a navigation bar, social media presence, location based pages, project studies, services, client portal, news pages, career pages, awards, and blogs.

See if your construction company is on the list that we evaluated:

Balfour Beatty

Barton Marlow

Bear Construction Company

Bellet Construction

Berglund Construction

Bulley and Andrews

C G Schmidt

Catalyst Construction

Chicago Builders & Contractors

Clark Construction

Clune Construction

Crane Construction

Ernie Loberg Construction Company

Executive Construction Co

Gilbane Building Company

Halverson Construction Company

Henry Brothers

IHC Construction Company


Irpino Construction

JCP Construction

JH Findorff

John Turner Construction

Keller Construction

KPH Construction

Laing O’Rourke

Lend Lease

Leopardo Companies

McCarthy Building Company

McCownGordon Construction

McHugh Construction Co

Mrozinski Construction

Pepper Construction

Plaza Construction Corp

Power Construction Company

Reed Construction

Stratagem Construction

Sylvester Construction

Talisen Construction


Trice Construction Co.

Turner Construction

Valenti Builders

W.E. O’Neil Construction

Walsh Construction


Construction Company Website Analysis

  • 95% of construction company websites have a navigation bar.

Whether it’s on the top of the page or in the sidebar, nearly every construction company website we researched has a navigation bar. Navigation bars are paramount to the success of your website. They show that your website is full of information and also keeps your pages well organized.

  • 89% of construction company websites list their services.

We didn’t get into whether or not construction companies listed their services in the navigation bar or not, but 89% of the companies we researched had their services listed somewhere on their website. They definitely were easiest to find when listed directly on the navigation bar itself.

  • 82% of construction company websites can be found on social media.

Social media can range from Facebook to Linkedin to Twitter and Instagram. We defined this as any company that links to any social media platform on their website. Nearly 20% of construction companies do not have a social media presence!

  • 78% of construction company websites have consistent design.

Web design consistency is keeping all elements the same throughout your website. This includes everything from colors and fonts to buttons and icons.

  • 75% of construction company websites are responsive.

This statistic is startling! 25% of construction company websites are not mobile friendly. Mobile web usage surpasses that of desktop usage so it is extremely important to have a mobile friendly or “responsive” construction company website.

  • 73% of construction company websites have quality photography.

Although this is subjective, we determined quality photography based on image clarity. 

  • 73% of construction company websites display their project studies.

Most construction company websites very clearly display their project study pages. This was not something we set out looking for on the construction company website hunt but we very quickly realized it’s an industry norm to display portfolios of work and studies on them.

  • 69% of construction company websites have a careers page.

A great career page helps you attract the right candidates and also are a great source of information about your company. More than 30% of construction company websites do not have career pages.

  • 60% of construction company websites have a news page.

It can be hard to distinguish a News page from a Blog but we based this number off of whether there was  a link labeled “News” anywhere on construction company website or not.

  • 42% of construction company websites list their awards.

We hope that any construction company that has received an award prominently displays it but nearly 60% of these companies did not display any type of recognition or award.

Having an SSL certificate is no longer a choice – it’s a necessity if you want to compete with other companies web presence.

  • 40% of construction company websites are interactive.

We defined “interactive” by whether or not the elements of the website (ie: photos, icons, buttons) interacted with the movement of the cursor. This means that more than half of construction company websites were not interactive and this is a great way to draw users in to your brand.

  • 31% of construction company websites have blogs.

This statistic also surprised us! Only 31% of construction websites had a blog of any kind. Maintaining a blog can be intimidating and time consuming but the benefits far outweigh these concerns. To learn that nearly 70% of construction companies are not taking advantage of maintaining a blog is an incredibly great way for your construction company website to stand out amongst the competition.

  • 22% of construction company websites have specific pages for each location.

For construction companies that operate in multiple locations, it can be a great way to boost your rankings and SEO by having specific pages dedicated to each location. Not all construction companies have multiple locations but we did find some companies that listed the locations on one page without giving them the real estate of their own page. By giving each location their own web page on your website, this can feed the search engines the right information about your business.

  • 17% of construction company websites have client log-in portals.

Not all construction companies would have a purpose for client log-in portals but for the ones that do, this is a really nice feature. If you have a way for clients to pay invoices, check messages or job updates, this is a great way to display a unique service offering to potential clients.

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