BuildThis Founder Featured on Clutch as a Web Design Expert

April 19, 2017

Our Founder, Hans Skillrud, spoke with Clutch about WordPress as part of a series of expert interviews that Clutch is conducting to help businesses and entrepreneurs choose the best website platform for their needs.

Clutch is a research and reviews site that identifies leading IT and Marketing agencies and solutions.

Choosing the right platform for your website is crucial and requirements vary based on your business needs and technical expertise. According to Skillrud, WordPress is easy to edit and great for SEO. Additionally, its popularity means that it has great resources from the community:

“30% of all websites are WordPress based. That’s why I love it. It is the most popular CMS by far, and it’s open-source. To me, that is a perfect recipe for innovation to occur and be shared with others… I have yet to find a CMS system that is as extensive in providing that after-market service, performance enhancers and plugins for additional functionality. The access to information is the best, bar none, for WordPress.”

WordPress is great for companies that don’t have a lot of in-house tech resources. Once the site is set up by a professional, making changes is easy. However, it’s not the ideal solution for small companies with small budgets due to website security concerns:

“Typically, with smaller budgets, you might be interested in cutting corners and getting the lowest deal possible or doing it yourself. With WordPress being open-source by nature, I don’t believe that’s the best move. There are too many security issues that could come up without their knowledge. There’s too much ongoing effort needed. I think WordPress should be set up by a third-party professional who’s experienced in it.”

If your business goals, website purpose, requirements and resources are planned out early on, choosing the best platform for your website will be a breeze. To learn more about choosing the right platform for your business, check out Clutch’s full expert interview series.

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