The Power Of Typography

May 31, 2017

Typography is an essential element in graphic design and communication. It not only delivers a message, it engages the reader.  Every curve, every serif, and every contrast can have a powerful impact. 

Here are some reasons why type is so important:

• Type evokes emotion and can change the message you are trying to convey
• Type influences decision making
• Type enhances readability
• Type establishes an information hierarch
• Type creates a sense of recognition and trust

Typography is used to communicate tone of voice, personality, age, gender and mood, and it can be easily manipulated. Whether you are creating a logo or making a poster, the font you choose will generally determine the overall look of your design. 

One thing to determine early on is whether or not to use a serif font. Serif fonts, like handwriting, have extra curls whereas sans serif have sharp lines. Many people find sans serif fonts to be more readable.

Here are some great resources for free fonts:


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